Back in the day, the race for the best racing video game might have been won by Nintendo’s F-Zero. For good reason, it’s one of the most highly regarded video games in the racing genre. The game was a pioneer, paving the way for future racing games that rely on gameplay as much as graphics in delivering the goods. Now, a similar race is going on for a modern breed of racing video games, taking advantage of the advanced engine offered by the iOS platform. A new game that’s about to enter this ongoing competition is Ion Racer.

Developed by the Social Gaming Network, Ion Racer is not available until tomorrow, but you can preview the game now through the trailer below. As shown in the trailer, Ion Racer appears to be a fast-paced game, as all good racing games should be. It features futuristic race tracks and, of course, futuristic race cars.

If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here.

Ion Racer can be played in either Strike Mode, wherein you blast through oncoming obstacles, or Focus Mode, wherein a more precise, that is, focused, manner of steering is required. You can also opt to steer your craft by tilting your device or activating the appropriate on-screen touch controls. Craft customization is also supported in the game.

With support for Retina display and Game Center leaderboards and achievements, Ion Racer is shaping up to be a worthy successor of F-Zero. Watch out for the official AppAdvice review of the game shortly after its release tomorrow to find out if it has enough fuel to zoom past such high expectations.