Another Apple announcement day is upon us. With the multitude of iPad 3 related rumors circulating, with hopes and dreams for new hardware, you could be forgiven for not noticing there is a software rumor or two also floating about the Web.

Along with the, now very likely, iPad 3 announcement today and a possible Apple TV refresh could we be seeing a piece of iconic Apple software making the move to iOS?

Over recent years we’ve seen Apple successfully transfer GarageBand and iMovie, among others, to iOS. If the rumors are to be believed, we may see iPhoto joining this prestigious lineup.

It has been suggested, by John Gruber among others, that iPhoto may be the perfect showcase app to show off a Retina ready iPad. This may be wishful thinking on my part, but I couldn’t agree more!

With a bit of a UI tweak this would look great on an iPad

John Gruber’s arguement, about why iPhoto may be the crowning glory of an iPad 3 launch, is three-fold:

  • We’ve already got iMovie and GarageBand for iPad. iPhoto seems like a glaring omission.
  • A good way to predict what’s coming next for the iPad is to ask yourself what sort of things are keeping regular people from using an iPad as their main computer. Photo management is the biggest one I can think of.
  • A retina display iPad should make photos look amazing

He makes a fair point (or three). I’m a huge fan of photography of all kinds and, while it does the job, the built in Photos app on the current generation iPad just does not cut it for me. The inclusion of iPhoto in the next generation iPad could provide greater adjustment options and extended photo data such as EXIF information.

Apple has been pushing the idea of “cutting the cord” between iOS devices and desktop Macs for a while now. With the introduction of iCloud and Photostream, iPhoto for iOS would come at the perfect time.

Can you see iPhoto coming to the iPad 3 in today’s announcement? Why do you think it hasn’t been introduced already?