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Jailbreak Only: CardSwitcher 2.0 - An Impressive Alternative App Switcher

A recently updated tweak called CardSwitcher provides jailbreakers with an impressive alternative app switcher. Already, it's possible to switch between iPhone apps through a double-press of the Home button: this reveals the multitasking tray, and users can quickly navigate between iOS applications through touching icons housed in this tray. However, CardSwitcher can really spice-up the app switcher, adding a brand-new interface that displays the image of open applications side-by-side. The tweak isn't a new addition to the Cydia Store, but its most recent update improves the stability of CardSwitcher, meaning the features it adds are much more solid. CardSwitcher is available to download in the Cydia Store for $1.99. Below, we've included a walkthrough video of the tweak provided by JailbreakNation - take a look at the video now, and let us know if you decide to purchase CardSwitcher in the comments.