In a recent Twitter update, Stefen Esser (better known in the jailbreak community as @i0n1c), noted that he’ll have Apple’s third-generation iPad jailbroken in five days – suggesting that he plans to at least start work on jailbreaking the iOS device as soon as he has one in his hands.

Here’s the update:

Already, we know @pod2g – who orchestrated the development of an iPhone 4S jailbreak solution – is looking for vulnerabilities in iOS 5.1, ahead of the launch of Apple’s new iPad. He announced via Twitter a couple of days ago that he’ll also be working on jailbreaking the tablet once it launches. Now, it looks like @i0n1c will be searching for a jailbreak, too. However, if you were hoping on @i0n1c sharing the solution, think again – a further Twitter update included the note:

There is no “you” in “i will have a jailbroken iPad”

It’s one thing to jailbreak just one individual iPad, but another to put that exploit inside a jailbreak tool that can be used to liberate iPads across the globe. For that kind of achievement, we must look to @pod2g and (hopefully) the jailbreak dream team.

As always, we’ll keep you posted!

[via iJailbreak]