If you’re a fan of Sn0wBreeze (for Windows) and have used it in the past to create custom ISPWs when jailbreaking, consider downloading – or updating to – the new version of the application (2.9.2), which is available now.

Fans of the application can enjoy newly added support for iOS 5.1, for the iPhone 3GS, third-generation iPod touch and A4-powered iOS devices. Do note – the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 are not supported. Besides support for iOS 5.1, iH8sn0w has made a number of bug fixes and performance improvements to the jailbreak tool.

The new version of Sn0wBreeze offers a tethered solution, meaning jailbreakers will have to hook-up their iPhone to a computer if it powers down or reboots. This is a minor annoyance, but something the hardcore jailbreak fans out there will be willing to put up with in order to get Cydia back on their iOS devices.

Personally, I’ve yet to update to iOS 5.1 – after all, the new version of Apple’s iOS is weak in terms of new features and improvements (there’s nothing I’m willing to sacrifice my untethered jailbreak for).

However, if you like to have the latest iOS version on your mobile device, Sn0wBreeze can help. Mac and Windows users can also take advantage of the iPhone Dev-Team’s redsn0w app, which received a similar update recently.

[via iJailbreak]