Mad Magazine, perhaps the most famous satirical magazine in the world, is finally making the jump to iOS with its own digital magazine optimized for the iPad. And seeing as Mad subsists on healthy (or is it unhealthy?) doses of humor, what better day to launch its new product than April Fools’ Day?

On April 1, which also happens to be the birthday of Mad’s grinning mascot and frequent cover boy, Alfred E. Neuman, the dedicated Mad Magazine app for iPad will be made available in the App Store. “We’re delighted to bring Mad to the iPad,” said Mad Editor John Ficarra. “We think the Mad app may be just the thing to turn the struggling iPad around and make it successful — though most experts think it may be just the thing that kills it altogether.”

In true Mad fashion, the app will feature loads of humorous digital content in parallel with what we’ve already come to love and laugh at in the long-running physical magazine. But given the flexibility of the iOS platform, the digital issue will draw on the iPad’s interactivity to deliver more thigh-slapping entertainment. According to CNET, an example of the interactive components in the digital issues is the choose-your-own-adventure parody of Mad’s and everyone else’s favorite laughingstock, “Twilight.”

"Twilight" is again the butt of a Mad joke.

The Mad Magazine app will be free to download, but digital issues will be available for purchase at $4.99 each for new issues and $1.99 each for old ones. You can also opt for a per issue digital subscription for $1.99 per issue or a more convenient annual subscription for $9.99. But if you’re a current subscriber of the print version of the magazine, you will be eligible for a free digital subscription. As in the Vertigo Comics app for iOS released by DC Entertainment, which is also the publisher of the Mad Magazine app, future issues in the new app will be available on the same day as their print counterparts.

If April Fools’ Day is practically Christmas for practical jokers and humor buffs, then the upcoming Mad Magazine app is like a shiny, new present for humor-loving iPad users.