The news just keeps getting more depressing for iPad owners who are Spotify users like myself.

We originally told you about MOG coming to the iPad. It has become just┬áthe third streaming service to release an iPad app to take advantage of the larger display. The app is available for free in the App Store, but you must be a subscriber. But we’re still wondering where the Spotify app for iPad is.

MOG’s app is designed much like the desktop version. Play controls remain on the top of the screen. The left side of the app is designed for queues, playlists, recommended tracks and other services while the center is reserved for the current song playing.

MOG also boasts 320-kbps audio, which is better than any other streaming service. The iPad app also has built-in AirPlay support and artist-only radio stations.

Before MOG, only Rdio and Slacker had released iPad-specific versions of apps that work with the respective streaming services.

While MOG is looking to expand to a larger audience, its future does remain in doubt after news leaked of its acquisition by Beats Audio, which is controlled by Android handset maker HTC.

That still leaves a major player in the streaming arena and my favorite service, Spotify, without an iPad app.

Spotify, which burst onto the scene in the United States last year, has been promising an iPad version of its app for sometime, calling it a “priority” and “absolutely in the pipeline” last December.

In that time, the Spotify desktop version has gotten consistently better and added tons of additional features. But the iPhone version has languished and the tablet version has yet to materialize.

It’s been four months, Spotify, and I’m still waiting. If I have to wait much longer, I may strongly consider defecting to MOG or one of the other streaming services that cares about its mobile users.