In a demonstration at the Apple iPad event, Phil Schiller demonstrated Autodesk which is now capable of exporting 100MB files – a huge leap from the iPad 2. Autodesk takes full advantage of the retina display and the A5X quad core processor, taking the iPad out of the hobbyist league for photographers, artists and designers.

Apple Event

The incredible new graphic display will revolutionize the art world. (Photo courtesy of gdgt)

In Autodesks’s 29 year history they had over 10 million desktop customers; on iOS they’ve reached tens of millions of users in just two years. “It’s absolutely amazing.” Introducing Sketchbook Ink — focuses on line art.  Schiller via gdgt


The new iPad is designed to create.

Boasting 44% greater color saturation and impressive 2048 x 1536 screen resolution will allow precise digital painting and sketching down to the smallest details. This effectively makes the iPad the smallest and most portable digital art studio available.

Artists apps look great

Creative apps look amazing on the new display screen. (Image courtesy of gdgt)

Also released today was the new iPhoto for iPad. Storage and handling of images has been cumbersome since the iPad was introduced, but now storing albums and editing photos can be done with ease.

iPhoto will be available today in the App Store and will run $ 4.99.