My Year In Pictures HD is a new photo app available in the App Store. Made exclusively for the iPad, the $2.99 app makes it easy to create a photo journal, which is then shared with others over time.

Created by SharkWeed, My Year In Pictures HD offers a fast and simple way to snap two photos daily that are transformed into a running video. These videos can then be shared via Facebook, Twitter or email.

To add some perspective on what occurs each day, the app allows the designation of “good” and “bad” days; you can also add additional commentary.

My Year In Pictures HD

My Year In Pictures HD

Moreover, the app automatically creates a calendar view of each photo as thumbnails, allowing for a quick scan of particularly days.

Finally, PhotoFlip view allows you to quickly flip through all the images.

It’s nice to see developers like Sharkweed creating photo apps for Apple’s tablet. After all, the number of iPhone photo apps dwarfs those for the iPad. Hopefully more photo apps will arrive with the introduction of the iPad 3/HD/2S.

My Year In Pictures HD and My Year in Pictures Photo Journal ($.99) for the iPhone/iPod touch are available today.