Ever since we first got wind of the NKMOS Ultima on Kickstarter, we’ve been big fans of the project. Between its super-strong suction mount, machined aluminum materials, and proven, versatile design, the Ultima was clearly (and deservedly!) destined for greatness.

Unfortunately, it seems that too many potential pledgers were held back by the premium accessory’s “high” initial purchase price. While I disagree that the buy-in was too great for such a promising piece of kit, project head Nik Conomos knew he had to make a change if Ultima was to meet its funding goal.

And, boy, did he make one!

The Ultima’s Kickstarter campaign has been officially relaunched (with a much lower threshold), and NKMOS is now offering the exact same high-grade windshield mount for just $55 shipped! International customers will have to add $10 to that total, but it’s still a far cry from the Ultima’s original pledge price of $85 ($99 MSRP).

At this point, it’s clear that Nik and company won’t be making much money off the product (at least, not right away). But, for us buyers, that’s a good thing: When someone actually elevates their ideas and ideals above base financial motivation, it makes their brand — and their vision — that much easier to applaud along. So, if you feel the same way, or if you just really need a reliable, tough iPhone car mount, head on over to the Ultima’s Kickstarter page and pledge now.

You deserve it, Nik deserves it, and, most importantly, my truck deserves it. Off-roading ain’t easy on those cheap, plastic junkers…