There’s certainly no shortage of iPhone wallet cases out there, but for sheer minimalism, nothing beats the Poddities Money Clip. Compatible with both the iPhone 4 and 4S models, this metal clip literally screws into your handset’s shell, giving you a light, tight solution for simple EDC.

Easily holds cards or cash.

Perhaps even more useful than its traditional function as card holder and money clip, you can use the Poddities add-on as an actual carry clip, too. If you never leave the house without a pocket knife or multitool secured inside your front pocket, you’ll know just how inviting this fresh design really is.

Stylish, secure carry clip.

You can order the Poddities money clip through for just under $30 (installation tools included), but the $17 shipping — directly from Japan — could be a deal breaker. (For me, it definitely is, but as soon as a proper American retailer picks this up, I’ll likely order one.)

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