Harry’s House ($0.99) by motionflow is a universal action defense game that is very similar to Plants vs. Zombies, but instead of just laying down man-eating plants, players also get to pummel the undead with a slingshot.


The game is a top-down view of a battle that pits a giggling boy against an army of zombies. As they approach, young Harry must use what little weaponry he has on him to stop the monsters from tearing down his protective barrier and gobbling his tasty brains. His weapon is a slingshot that fires large rocks, and sometimes heavy-duty mines that explode with what looks like pieces of candy.

In addition to fending off the fiends with a slingshot, players can lay down items that will slow the bad guys down. For example, a handful of thumbtacks will not only slow down the zombie in its path, but also cause it damage, making it easier for players to administer the final blow.

There is a lot of homage to the popular game Plants vs. Zombies. Some might even take offense at the use of the familiar zombie moan that can be heard on occasion. However, it is not a rip off of that game. There are quite a few differences that make it worth checking out.

Players can buy extra items to slow the hordes down using cash that is picked up from opening bonus gifts that pop up from time to time. These items, in addition to the ones that are earned on each level make for an exciting defense game.

There are six stages with six levels in each. There are also two difficulty modes. Once players have unlocked a stage, they can replay them in custom mode using all of the additional items they have picked up along the way.

This is a fun game with lots of interesting ways of stopping the onslaught of attacking zombies. While it is similar to the popular defense game Plants vs. Zombies, it does not rip it off outright. At only $0.99, players are getting a bargain price for so much fun. Try not to pay attention to how awful the grammar is, though. It is pretty obvious that English is not the developer’s first language.