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Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North (Free) by Kabam puts you in command of one of the many kingdoms in Camelot. You are a knight at the service of King Arthur, though your role is more of a feudal lord. The villainous Picts have invaded Northern Britain and its up to you and your allies to stop them.

You have seven days to muster your troops, build up your defenses, and figure out how to actually play the game before the Picts attack you.

Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North by Kabam screenshot

The beginning of the game walks you through how to make buildings and research the skills and resources to improve your kingdom. Morgause, a widowed queen, acts as your hostess to the orientation.

Perhaps the most annoying aspect of this game is how her dialogue prints out like it’s a slow word processor.

The game requires an Internet connection because it’s an MMORPG. Your kingdom is just one of thousands hosted on the game’s server. You can either chat with the other players or those you have an alliance with.

You can build alliances with other players (in fact, it’s highly recommended). You’ll first need to construct an embassy and from there you can either create or join an alliance.

Being a member of an alliance means doing raids with your teammates, as well as a trusty resource.

Of course, what would a freemium game without the in-app purchases? The “speed up devices” in this case are gems. They are available in different quantities, ranging from 50 gems for $4.99 to 1,600 for $99.99.

Overall this is a pretty interesting game, though it’s not as “jump in and start playing” as other titles.

A little bit of patience is required as you build up your kingdom, but at least you’re offered the time before the enemies come knocking on your castle door.