What do Legos and Apple have in common? Both are loved by millions of followers around the world.  Now a new “Kickstarter for Lego,” is being designed; the Lego Modular Apple Store.

Created by gotoandbuild, the 800 piece Lego set includes pieces representing the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad, iMac, Macbook and Mac Pro. In addition, the design comes with Steve Jobs, customers, employees and even a Genius Bar.


Lego Modular Apple Store

Lego Modular Apple Store

Posted by LEGO CUUSOO, the Lego Modular Apple Store is looking for 10,000 fans or votes. At that point, Lego may do a design review and consider the design for possible production. Of course, Apple would have to approve of the design too.

At last count, the design had 883 supporters.

We thank Tuaw for bringing this to our attention.

Would you buy a Lego Modular Apple Store?