After months of rumors, Apple finally announced the date for it’s iPad 3 special event – which is March 7, in case you missed it. Since, SkyBet UK (a UK-based online gambling website) has launched a dedicated novelty bet for the iPad 3. There, SkyBet frequenters can place bets on features they expect Apple’s third-generation iPad to launch with.

Though we certainly don’t condone gambling here at AppAdvice, it’s rather novel to see a website like SkyBet offer bets on Apple’s iPad 3 announcement. Bets include whether the iPad 3 will feature a Retina display (1/8), an NFC chip (4/1) or an SD card slot (12/1).

SkyBet's iPad 3 bets

The only problem is that SkyBet’s website appears to be completely down at the moment. It could be that Sky has changed its mind regarding the iPad 3 bets, or that iPad 3 bets were just too popular for the website to handle. Then again, SkyBet’s downtime could be unrelated to its recently launched iPad 3 bets.

Keep half an eye on SkyBet’s website if you’re interested – it could be that the iPad 3 webpage disappears altogether, or equally it might reappear later in the day for tech-pundits to take advantage of.

[via 9to5Mac]


Bad news, folks – SkyBet’s website is now back online, but the aforementioned iPad 3 section has been removed. It looks like we’re not going to be able to place bets on the iPad 3′s specs, after all.