The iOS platform is certainly not lacking in all sorts of content that excellently showcase what it has to offer as far as gameplay is concerned. Whether you’re looking for games as simple as Canabalt and Tiny Wings or as complex as the two Infinity Blade titles, you’re bound to find something that matches your need as you browse the Games category in the App Store. And if you’re more inclined to play something from the simple sort, you simply can’t go wrong with 1-bit Ninja.

The iPhone platformer, 1-bit Ninja, is done in a style inspired by the video games of the past. Like Canabalt and a lot of other games in the App Store today, 1-bit Ninja sports a retro look. Hence, its name mentions the 1-bit architecture used in computer applications of old. Even the game mechanics of 1-bit Ninja is patterned after that most famous of all classic video game franchises, Super Mario. Like Mario, the pint-sized ninja character in 1-bit runs and jumps forward, collecting coins and stomping on enemies as he goes along. The game also features a catchy chip soundtrack.

While it’s influenced by the old, 1-bit Ninja does feature something quite new. With the necessary gesture, the game lets you switch from a plain 2-D view to a 3-D camera angle view, revealing some secret elements of the game you wouldn’t otherwise learn about.

Having a total of 25 levels divided evenly into five worlds, 1-bit Ninja is available in the App Store for $1.99. However, if you’re still on the fence about purchasing it, you can try it first for free by downloading the newly released lite version, which has just the first game world. But since 1-bit Ninja is one of the more superb games in the iOS platform, chances are you’ll be getting the full version, with its additional four worlds, soon enough.