If you already managed to scrape together the necessary funds and get your new iPad ordered, you can kick back and look forward to next Friday’s big fun. However, those of you opting to wait may have already waited too long, as select models of Apple’s Retina-sporting slate are already showing shipping estimates starting Monday, March 19. If you hurry (and you’re not too picky), you can probably preorder your iPad of choice and get it by next weekend, but we don’t see supplies lasting too much longer. In other words, by this time tomorrow, expect a big wait.

Of course, there’s always the option of lining up outside your local Apple Store or Best Buy come next week’s launch, so all hope is not lost. (Even though I preordered, I plan to partake once again in the local festivities. My buddy’s going that route, and I told him I’d bring coffee and donuts.)

Unfortunately, if you wanted a third-generation Apple TV to immediately complement your tablet purchase, you’re out of luck. Those are already pushed back, showing delivery times of “1-2 weeks.” Who’d've thunk it?