Just ahead of tomorrow’s much-awaited launch of Angry Birds Space in the astronomical expanse of the App Store, Angry Birds Rio has been updated with more festive levels.

Angry Birds Rio is a notable title in the franchise in that it’s the only edition of Angry Birds that doesn’t have thieving pigs provoking the ire of the titular winged critters. Rather than being angry and shooting themselves at their porcine sworn enemies, the birds in Angry Birds Rio are angry because they’re kidnapped by a group of smugglers and brought to Rio de Janeiro. They become even angrier when upon their arrival in the smugglers’ den, they discover that their exotic feathered friends are captured as well. They become so angry that they break out of their cages in order to free the others by — how else? — throwing themselves to their fellow birdies’ cages and boxes.

Collect all the golden fruit in all episodes to unlock the new bonus levels.

Angry Birds Space’s predecessor in the extremely successful Angry Birds franchise by Rovio Mobile, Angry Birds Rio is now at version 1.4.3. The new version introduces 12 new bonus levels, a welcome addition especially for players who have long completed all the levels in the game. These bonus levels can be unlocked through in-game achievements, either by collecting all the golden fruit or earning three stars in an episode. These changes apply to both Angry Birds Rio for iPhone ($0.99) and Angry Birds Rio HD for iPad ($2.99), although there seems to be no word yet on the latter’s Retina iPad support.

Just a while ago, the original Angry Birds was also updated with new “Surf and Turf” content. And a couple of weeks back, Angry Birds Seasons, the second title in the franchise, was given a timely spring update. Between these updates for old editions and the release of a new one just around the corner, the Angry Birds are definitely having a mighty good time destroying stuff, if not killing greedy, green pigs.