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Dreamy Goat, Released March 15, $.99 (iPhone), Original article

Dreamy Goat

Dreamy Goat by Arthur Lysenko is an unusual new side scrolling platform game that fits into its own category. It is less of a game and more of an exploration in art and music. Be prepared for a strange trip with this unique app.

Players control Goat, who is a goat. He has a horn like a unicorn and is a doodle. He runs atop a tiny world that is reminiscent of “The Little Prince.” As he travels, he collects various objects that may be candy, or headphones, or just strange items that he has dreamed up. Goat also pokes larger images like children playing, or sword-surfing spirits.

Goat moves on his own, but to collect or poke objects, tap the screen and he will hop. Hopping repetitively will make him fly through the air. Sometimes, you will discover new objects when Goat flies higher, but sometimes the fog will wake him up.

Other New and Updated iOS Games

Azkend 2 HD – The World Beneath, Released March 14, $3.99 (Universal), Original article

Azkend 2 HD - The World Beneath

Azkend 2 HD – The World Beneath by 10tons Ltd is a new puzzle game for both the iPhone and iPad. Players are taken back to the 18th century and are aboard a ship en route to New York from Liverpool. During this voyage, the ship is destroyed in a massive storm and players awake in a new world.

After the shipwreck, players must find and rebuild tools lost in the shipwreck so they can make it back to civilization. Each of the 17 chapters in the adventure has an item that players must assemble. Pieces of each item are won by completing a puzzle. Each chapter has three to four puzzles.

Celestial Defense, Released March 12, $.99 (Universal), Original article

Celestial Defense by GameCell is a tower defense game with a different view. Using 3-D graphics and tough enemies, you’ll find yourself working hard to fend off waves of aliens in this challenging game.

Players start with a thermal power generator, a laser turret and one type of enemy. Defense towers can only be placed in certain spots and enemies will attack and destroy the power cores before heading for the main space station. Once power generators are destroyed it becomes very difficult to gain much-needed energy to add weapons, so defending them is just as important as defending the space station.

Flight Control Rocket, Released March 15, $.99 (Universal), Original article

Flight Control Rocket

Flight Control Rocket by Electronic Arts is the new iteration of the hit Flight Control that originally hit the iPhone back in 2009. This new version is not the same as what you once knew. In fact, it’s better than ever before!

Rather than control airplanes back on Earth again, Firemint and Electronic Arts are taking you to the far reaches of the galaxy. Now you will be guiding various spaceships into their appropriate landing bays, collecting various robots that will help you get the best score possible, and even finding new ships along the way!

If you have played the original Flight Control (and really, who hasn’t by this point?), then you will know the gameplay immediately. Various colored ships will come in (in this case: red, green, yellow, and purple) from the edges of the screen, as indicated by the warning symbol. Then you must get them to their appropriate landing bays by drawing a line from the ship to the dock. Of course, it seems easy at first, but when your screen has 20 (or more) different ships at once, things get a teensy bit more complicated. Fortunately, you’ll be alerted (graphically and by sound) when there is a near-collision, and the entire screen will slow down for you to make last minute arrangements.

Letris Power: Word puzzle game, Released March 15, Free (Universal), Original article

Letris Power: Word puzzle game by Ivanovich Games is a game that combines word games with Tetris. If you’re a fan of any kind of word game, then you will definitely want to check this one out.

I’m definitely a sucker for word games. Even though I may not be the best at them (as evident by most of my Words With Friends and Scramble With Friends games), I have to admit they can be pretty addictive. And that’s exactly what I get with Letris Power.

The basis of Letris is simple – letter blocks will continuously fall from the top of the screen (you can swipe down or press the down arrow to make the block drop immediately), and you need to make words from the blocks that are available. There’s no restrictions on what blocks you can make the words from (such as Boggle, where you have to create words from letters that are adjacent to each other) – just tap on letters in any order you want. Tapped letters will appear red, at least until you make a legit word, where it will turn green. To submit the word, tap it at the bottom of the screen.

MotoHeroz, Released March 15, $.99 (iPhone), Original article


Created by RedLynx, which is now a Ubisoft studio, MotoHeroz is based on an award-winning Nintendo Wii racing game.

MotoHeroz is a side-scrolling physics racer where you must pay serious attention to the objects on the track. Small collisions can take you off course and easily put you in last place.

MotoHeroz features over six different vehicles and 30 tracks. As you progress in the game you will be able to upgrade your vehicle and unlock exciting new tracks. You can also race against your friends in the game’s asynchronous multiplayer mode. Furthermore, MotoHeroz also features an online leaderboard so you can show off your skill. Each track also has hidden goodies for you to find.

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