The iPhone is a great way to keep children quiet entertained. However, kids will just tap and swipe everywhere without any real thought to what they’re doing. Before you know it, contacts are gone, photos are deleted, and you have a 10 minute video of nothing. What do you do when you want to keep an app open for your child, but restrict them from leaving it? Well, the KidSafe case by TRTL BOT ($24.95) does just that.

The KidSafe is a reversible case for your iPhone 4/4S. One side looks like a regular snap-on case, while the other “KidSafe” side features a cover for the home button, meaning your other apps and settings are out of reach for your young one. Apart from ┬áhome button protection, this case is eco-friendly and made from recycled plastic bottles. Its slightly raised corners will offer your iPhone enough protection to keep it safe in the hands of a child.

An iPhone without its home button just seems ... wrong.

The KidSafe case is available in three colors on the TRTL BOT website. Personally, I would never hand my iPhone to a child. If anything, I feel like kids should still be playing with toys, not iPhones. Parents, would this be a useful case for you?