Most of you have met Tweetbot – A Twitter Client With Personality. Now, meet PiggyAlarm, The Alarm Clock With Character. PiggyAlarm is a new alarm clock app with a cute pink piggy for its clock face. But PiggyAlarm apparently has more going for it than a piggy face that happens to have four different sets of expressive eyes. You can also, of course, set multiple one-time or recurring alarms, and you can set the snooze function at an interval of five, 10, 20 or 30 minutes. But what really sets PiggyAlarm apart from other alarm clock apps is its ability to generate a snooze profile.

For every alarm that sets off at the specified time, PiggyAlarm takes note of the number of times you hit the snooze button as well as the total number of minutes that have passed before you finally wake up. Using this data, the app lets you know whether you’re an Alert, Lazy or Sleeping Piggy. It also keeps a record of your snoozy ways over a period of two weeks, so you can see a couple of graphs charting your out-of-bed progress, if any, that is. And if you’re feeling particularly proud of your progress, or even if you just want to amuse your friends, you can share your snooze profile on Facebook or Twitter.

We’ve all been guilty of excessive snoozing at some point in our half-asleep lives. Most of us (I’m actually just speaking for myself) can’t help but hit snooze every chance we get until we realize that we’re going to be late for class, work or garage band practice unless we finally get our butts out of bed. Who knows? Maybe PiggyAlarm can really help us transform from Sleeping Piggies to Alert Piggies.

PiggyAlarm, The Alarm Clock With Character is designed for iPhone and iPod touch and is available now in the App Store for $0.99.