It looks like the massive battery in the new iPad can power more than just the Retina display and faster processor.

Recent testing of the Verizon variant of the tablet by AnandTech and The Verge show, that under the right conditions, the iPad can last for more than 24 hours as a LTE hotspot.

AnandTech lodged 25.3 of hotspot usage with a single charge, and The Verge got around the same amount of usage. But there are a few caveats.

During both tests, the Retina display was turned off, and The Verge stated they disabled all notifications and push email accounts.

Those numbers are pretty staggering, since as AppleInsider points out, LTE MiFi hotspots from Novatel and Samsung can only last for around four hours on one charge.

The new iPad’s 42Wh battery has been significantly bulked up compared to the iPad 2’s 25Wh cell. And as the tests show, the large battery can power yet another selling point of Apple’s tablet.

The hotspot feature is a unique selling point of the Verzion iPad. AT&T’s LTE tablet doesn’t offer the hotspot feature, but the company said it was working with Apple to enable the service for users.

Along with the hotspot feature, the Verizon iPad can also operate on AT&T’s 3G network with a little work. That, combined with Verizon’s larger LTE footprint, makes it a strong choice for iPad buyers.

I am going on business trip tomorrow, and am looking forward to running my own torture test on my Verizon iPad’s hotspot feature. If you have purchased the LTE iPad, are you happy with your service with AT&T or Verizon so far?