As I was reading my Twitter timeline last night, a particular tweet by @neilhimself — The New York Times best-selling author Neil Gaiman himself — caught my attention. The tweet was actually his own little way of promoting the newly released iOS app of one of his publishers, Vertigo.

Prior to the release of the Vertigo Comics iOS app, the digital versions of the acclaimed DC Entertainment imprint’s titles can be purchased and read on iOS devices using the Comics app developed by ComiXology. Now, a dedicated app on which to read Vertigo comic books is finally available. What’s interesting is the fact that Vertigo Comics is powered by none other than ComiXology, bringing to the new app the “Guided View” technology it pioneered in its Comics app.

Vertigo Comics is powered by ComiXology, which developed the "Guided View" technology.

Vertigo Comics is a standalone app that lets you get your fix from loads of popular Vertigo titles, including Gaiman’s groundbreaking and dark “Sandman” series. In fact, in celebration of the app’s release, each issue in the “Sandman” series is available for a limited time as an in-app purchase priced at $0.99. Renowned novelist and journalist Norman Mailer once referred to the series as “a comic strip for intellectuals,” so it’s definitely worth more than what it’s currently going for.

Furthermore, four new Vertigo series will be debuting this month, one series launch per week, and will follow Vertigo’s same-day-as-print release campaign. The first to launch is Bill Willingham’s “Fairest,” which re-imagines the lives of well-known fairy tale characters, including Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.

Vertigo Comics is a universal app and is available now in the App Store for free. Given that you’re a fan of comic books, Vertigo-published or otherwise, will you be downloading any new comics app dedicated to a particular publisher like this one, or are you all right with the multi-publisher setup of an app like ComiXology’s Comics?