As customers begin buying accessories for their new iPad, we’ve been asked to confirm whether cases marked for the iPad 2 will work with Apple’s newest tablet. Now, we have the answer or at least what looks like an answer.

We can confirm that Apple employees are telling customers today that cases for the iPad 2 will fit the new iPad. However, this information comes with one caveat:

All cases are different and because the new iPad is 0.6 mm thicker than its predecessor, there may be a few cases out there that aren’t compatible.

Our advice: Look for cases specifically marked as compatible with the new iPad. Regardless, hang on to your receipt.

Updates: The following case are being reported as NOT FITTING:

  • Incase Snap Case (thanks mixar)
  • ZaggFolio (thanks Kill4pubes)
  • The Kensington Protective Cover & Stand (thanks Fififolle)
The New iPad vs. The iPad 2

The New iPad vs. The iPad 2

If any of our readers purchase an iPad 2 case that DOESN’T fit the new model, kindly let us know.

In the meantime, check out Tommy Ly’s list of the Top Five New iPad Cases. In addition, check out our report from earlier this week, Hot Cases For Your New iPad.