AppAdvice has teamed up with OstinGames in order to offer you a chance to win not one, not two, but three different Zepi HD games for iPad: Zepi: Classic HD, Zepi: Kids HD, and Zepi: Ultra HD.

All three Zepi HD titles are casual remove ‘em-style games where your goal is to try to obtain the highest possible score while keeping the screen clear of orbs.


You’re able to match orbs by tapping or dragging your finger over at least two of the same color. Within seconds, the connected orbs will disappear and new ones will enter the screen. You can gain even more points by creating huge chains of orbs, but don’t waste too much time, otherwise the screen will fill up and it will be game over for you.

Each of the three games offers a little something different in terms of themes and power-ups, but they all feature the same general gameplay and a variety of achievements and leaderboards via Game Center. So all you have to do is decide which it is you want to play!

To have a chance at winning one of the three Zepi HD games for iPad, just leave a comment below before 11:59 p.m. PDT tonight (April 3) telling us which version you would prefer: Zepi: Classic HD, Zepi: Kids HD, or Zepi: Ultra HD. We’ll randomly choose our winners from the comments and get in touch via email as soon as possible! Only one entry per person is allowed.