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Aby Escape (Free) by Bulkypix is an exciting arcade game that will get your adrenaline pumping. Your reflexes will be put to the test, so get that thumb or finger ready. I’m a thumb gamer, but that choice is up to you. Get on the edge of your seat, take a shot of caffeine, and get ready to let the sweat drip off of your forehead.

Aby Escape by Bulkypix screenshot

Okay, so now that you agreed to help poor little Aby, let me explain how exactly you will help her. Like Temple Run, you will need to guide her through forests, cities, and interstates, while fleeing from her capturers and the police. In other words, pretend Aby is Barry Sanders and slide or jump over anything in her path.

The controls are simple and quick. You tilt your device to move Aby left or right. To slide, drag your finger down. To jump, drag your finger up. This game is all about quick reflexes and the controls allow for sudden movements.

You will need to collect coins to unlock items and power ups from the store. You will also need to collect the red shoes in order to give Aby energy to keep running. If the energy bar runs out, the game will be over.

Aby Escape by Bulkypix screenshot

There are some annoyances in this game though. Although the game is free, it has advertisements and tries continuously to have you watch more advertisement trailers for extra coins. To be able to unlock the story mode, you need a massive amount of coins, which will take you awhile to obtain. It almost gives you the sense that it would be smarter to just pay for additional coins through the store. I’m not a huge fan of in-app purchases, so this is a big let down for me.

This game is simple, yet an enjoyable experience. It can become repetitive and tiresome due to how long you need to play just to unlock the story mode. I’d stick with Temple Run for now though.

Is this game a better alternative to Temple Run?