Like many iOS users, one of my only remaining gripes is the number of steps it takes to turn Bluetooth on and off.

After hitting Settings/General/Bluetooth, users can find the switch to toggle the feature. In comparison, Android phones can do the same thing with one click. But a new app released late yesterday, Bluetooth OnOff, makes the task much easier.

Once downloaded, users can toggle the setting by simply opening the app.

But there is a slight catch. As MacRumors notes, this direct control of the Bluetooth function is prohibited by Apple’s iOS guidelines. So, the app may have a very short life in the App Store.

Bluetooth OnOff is a universal app available for $.99 in the App Store.

Will you be downloading this app before Apple wises up and pulls it? While this isn’t as bad as the rash of scam apps that were recently approved, it isn’t exactly fair to developers who follow the API rules.