Are you having a problem with your iPhone 4? Now might be the perfect time to make an appointment at your local Apple Store Genius bar. A report from 9to5Mac says that Apple is suffering from supply constraints on the 16GB white iPhone 4 and they are telling stores to swap warrantied devices with an iPhone 4S instead.

As usual, they will replace your damaged device with a refurbished version. Getting a better camera, A5 chip, and Siri is certainly worth the trade-off.

This is only happening at some stores where supply is an issue. You may walk into your local Apple store and find that they have plenty of the previous model devices in stock. Do not get your hopes up when you visit your local Apple Store; there may not be a shiny iPhone 4S waiting for you upon your arrival.

I feel like I should not have to say this, but please do not do something to your iPhone 4 on purpose in an attempt to get an iPhone 4S. You may void your warranty only to find that your Apple Store has an ample supply of older model devices. I know you guys are smart enough not to do this, but it never hurts to put a reminder out there.

Apple has informed stores that are experiencing supply issues to keep giving out the refurbished white iPhone 4S until further notice. As supply wears thinner in other areas it is possible more stores could run out and start swapping for newer devices down the road.

Currently, this only seems to be taking place in the United States and Canada; there is no word about other parts of the world. If you have successfully swapped your iPhone 4 for a 4S, let us know!