Do you want any more evidence that the iPad is Apple’s future? Just look at the kid’s table of your local Apple Store.

As reported by iMore, Apple has replaced the ubiquitous quartet of iMacs with four iPads loaded up with educational and game apps.

That will definitely make my daughter happy the next time she accompanies me to my local Apple Store. While she likes the big screen of the iMac, I saw more than once that her and other children were trying to “touch” the computer screen just like an iPad.

And for the younger set, using your fingers is much more natural than trying to learn how to navigate with a mouse.

The change from Mac to iPad has been occurring for quite some time at Apple Stores. Product information cards were recently changed from paper to iPads. MacBook Pros at the Genius Bar have also been replaced with the tablet.

As reported during Apple’s earnings call yesterday, each Apple Store averaged $12.2 million revenue during the quarter. The stores also logged an average of more than 18,000 visitors to every store each week.

Will your kids like the iPads that greet them during your next trip to the Apple Store?