The new man running the show at Apple is getting around. He was recently spotted in China, checking out the facilities at Foxconn, and now reports from AppleInsider are suggesting that he paid a visit to Bellevue, Washington to see the folks at Valve.

While the reasons for this visit are not known, speculation is all over the place. Is it possible that Apple and Valve may finally get together to bring gaming on Macs to the next level? Will Valve bring Portal and Counterstrike to the iPad? Unlikely, but wishful thinking on my part.

The truth of the matter is that we don’t know what Tim Cook was doing at Valve. What we do know is that Valve and Apple are both companies known for bringing innovative products to the market, and the two of them working together can only lead to good things.

Ever since the launch of the App Store, Apple clearly has their sights set on becoming a major player in the battle for video game supremacy. In the mobile space, they are doing very well for themselves. Macs, however, are still lagging behind their PC counterparts in terms of gaming. Perhaps this meeting with Valve is Apple trying to have their gaming presence on Macs increased.

Either way, we will keep our eyes locked to see if anything huge comes out of this visit. Why do you think Tim Cook was at Valve?