Ravenous Games, developers of the popular League Of Evil titles, are releasing Burger Cat (an overhauled version of WoblyWare’s flash title) this week.

The objective of Burger Cat is simple: You must ensure that the (currently) unnamed cat can haz cheezburger. By altering the game’s 2-D terrain, you must alter the cat’s path to said cheeseburger. Add or remove blocks to the terrain, or add different tools to send the cat on its way. You can see the trailer here:

Movement in this puzzle-platformer is automatic, meaning you must add or remove the necessary blocks and tools by the time the cat gets to his destination. Different tools, such as pickaxes, trampolines, and umbrellas will be made available as you progress through the game’s 50+ levels. Burger Cat looks like it’ll be a great casual title with the potential to cater to hardcore gamers as well. If the League of Evil games are anything to go by, it’s safe to assume that Burger Cat will be a very polished experience.

Burger Cat will be available on April 19 as a universal app. Currently, there is no information on pricing. To get a feel for the game, you can play the original flash version here. Will you be adding Burger Cat to your collection of iOS games?