SixClicks, the creator of Yumit, has announced a brand new game that will soon be coming to the App Store. TriviaPad for iPad is a multiplayer trivia game with chatting and other social aspects.

Separated into virtual rooms, TriviaPad pits players against one another to quickly answer questions about entertainment, sports, history, literature and art, and more. The game will initially contain about 20,000 multiple choice answer questions and a handful of different room configurations, typically featuring 10 questions. Each question is presented in real time with the ability to take part in a live group chat.

The room interface is evenly divided into three main sections. The live chat feed scrolls down the left side, players and their statistics are listed along the right, and the question appears in the middle portion of the screen.

When provided a question, the possible answers are displayed underneath with the timer placed in between. Above the question are three lifeline choices, which include 50% Joker, Reveal, and Undo. For clarification, the Reveal option shows answers that other players have chosen.

TriviaPad’s basic rules seem to be similar to most other trivia games. Players must answer questions within an allotted time period, answers are locked once selected, and indication of correct or incorrect is depicted by green or red highlight once the countdown expires.

We’ve been told TriviaPad has recently been submitted to Apple for approval and should be available in the App Store sometime next week as a free download. Beyond the v1.0 release, SixClicks will work to expand the question database, offer more question and room customization, and tweak the default room configurations as needed.