While it isn’t an uncommon practice for questionable developers to use different techniques to sneak their shady apps past Apple’s review teams, every now and then another slips through the cracks. In this case, the app Walking Dead: Prologue ($4.99) is blatantly using the look of AMC’s The Walking Dead to lure customers in.

I’ll admit, I was a little excited to see a Walking Dead game pop up in the App Store. Then I remembered that Telltale Games was creating a Walking Dead game for consoles, PC, Mac, and (hopefully) iOS, but they haven’t even announced a release date yet. Something didn’t add up.

THE Walking Dead.

Clearly, the official Walking Dead is called “The Walking Dead.” The main character in The Walking Dead is a police officer, which seems to have been replicated in this app.

Oh sweet! A Walking Dead Game! Wait...

Oh sweet! A Walking Dead Game! Wait...

Other than blatantly ripping off a popular phenomenon, this app’s release notes contain some bold claims:

  • Difference UI design for iphone and ipad, easy to control comfortably.
  • High quality 3D image, perfect sound effect, give you great feelings!
  • Instant reaction system and headshot system make the game totally smooth.
  • 18 against weapons, Including daggers ,Guns,Grenade and Rifle Grenade
  • As a former contract killer, you are cold and perseverance ,you bear the mission to save the humanities.
  • Challenge powerful enemy and hard task, discover your potential and make your team overwhelmed.
  • Anger erupted system
  • Accumulate the anger from kills and headshots, when the anger achieves the peak, your gain endless power,that will be the day of zombie’s screaming……
  • Soul saving action
  • Relying on social network, play with friends,and save your friends who infected by the virus with a gunshot!

It's up to you ... to be careful when downloading apps.

Maybe Walking Dead: Prologue is fun. Maybe it’s actually a great app. I just can’t get behind an app that uses shady practices or misleads customers just to make a buck.

If you do decide to check it out, Walking Dead: Prologue is available in the App Store for $4.99. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this app get pulled in the near future.