Just a couple of days ago, the much-anticipated, some say overhyped, Gadgets update finally jet-propelled its way to Jetpack Joyride. The 1.3 update of Halfbrick Studios’ super popular endless runner, or, rather, endless joyrider brought a slew of new gadgets. These gadgets are available for purchase using in-game coins and are meant to aid Barry Steakfries as he breaks into a top secret laboratory where mad science is supposedly advanced. Totaling 15 “game-changing” items, they include the X-Ray Specs, which lets players see through Barry’s vehicle pick-ups and other places in the game.

But what many players wanted to see along with, perhaps even more than, the new gadgets in Jetpack Joyride’s 1.3 update was notably absent: Retina iPad graphics. The game uses pixel graphics, so the game looks markedly blurry on the latest-generation iPad’s high-resolution screen. As it turns out, you and millions of other Jetpack Joyriders only had to wait a couple more days for the game to start showing graphics optimized for the new iPad’s Retina display.

The coins in Jetpack Joyride are more golden than ever.

Today, the 1.3.1 update has been pushed to Jetpack Joyride, and with it comes the long-overdue Retina graphics support for the new iPad. Now, Barry and all the great stuff around him are more splendiferous than ever. In addition, the update applies improvements to the graphics of Jetpack Joyride on original and second-generation iPads as well as on Retina iPhones.

This Jetpack Joyride update is, of course, free, as is the game itself, which is funded by in-app coin purchases. And with the game’s new Retina iPad graphics, the coins in Jetpack Joyride have never looked this gold.