Pigs steal their eggs, so the birds become angry. There’s something wrong with the pipes, so Swampy the shower-loving sewer alligator asks, “Where’s my water?” A monstrous sea baron is after him, so Willow the whale escapes on a rainbow trail. These are but a few examples of the many interesting premises that get us hooked to our favorite iOS games. And now, let me add another: José wakes up one morning after a night of fiesta rockin’ and realizes that his beloved bottle of tequila is missing, so now he must find his way towards it. This is the rather amusing premise of Find a Way, José!

Find a Way, José! is a game released recently in the App Store, but it has had considerable success in its original form as a game for the Samsung Bada platform, on which it has topped 160,000 downloads. Artlab Interactive, the game’s developer, is looking to duplicate, maybe even surpass, that level of success as it introduces Find a Way, José! to the iOS platform.

Find a Way, José! is a sliding block puzzle game reminiscent of the classic Rush Hour board game. In each level of Find a Way, José!, you must slide Tetris-inspired blocks representing various objects out of José’s way, so that he may be reunited with his prized liquor. To get to the supposedly mysterious conclusion of José’s story, you must be able to guide José through all 60 puzzles across six environments, namely, The Mexican Desert, Outer Space, The Farm, Arabian Nights, The Circus, and The Graveyard. Watch the trailer for the game below.

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Featuring an original soundtrack as well as Game Center, Twitter, and Facebook integration, Find a Way, José! is available in the App Store as a free-to-play title. You can buy the full version within the game for $0.99 if you’re on an iPhone or $1.99 if you’re playing on an iPad. iCaramba!