Launched into the vast space that is the App Store just over a month ago, Angry Birds Space has gone on to become the fastest downloaded game ever. It famously topped 10 million downloads in its first three days of availability alone. And as a thank you to its flocks and flocks of customers, Rovio has today let loose the first update to its latest bestseller.

Angry Birds Space for iPhone and Angry Birds Space HD for iPad have both benefited from the update, of course. The update brings a gift in the form of 20 free Space Eagles for you to use within the game. Additionally, you can get one free Space Eagle every day just by logging in to the game daily. This should delight players who have been miffed at the Space Eagles’ astronomical, so to speak, in-app cost.

Upon update, you get 20 free Space Eagles.

The other major change brought about by the update is the introduction of a new, free planetary episode punningly called Fry Me To The Moon. This episode contains 10 new levels in which, rather than being stationary, some of the thieving pigs are put in motion around the planets by the rising of a new moon. Sounds eggciting.

Now that a new episode has been revealed, it’s time for another “coming soon” planet to tease players with. Apparently, that upcoming planet will involve doughnuts, as the update has also included the image of a green pig greedily chomping on an enticingly glazed and sprinkled one.

What are you waiting for? Those darn orbiting pigs certainly won’t get rid of themselves! Install this update now for free, or download Angry Birds Space for iPhone and Angry Birds Space HD for iPad for $0.99 and $2.99, respectively. Squawk!