If you’re looking for proof that iPhone and iPad users also love to mightily flex their brain muscles between sessions of Angry Birds Space and Draw Something, look no further than one of the current top paid games in the App Store, SpellTower. As its name implies, SpellTower is either a game about spelling words or a game about casting spells. Of course, the former is more probable, and that’s exactly what SpellTower is. Now, if you’re looking for a game that deals with both word spelling and spell casting to some extent, look no further than AbraWordAbra.

AbraWordAbra is an upcoming game that tells the story surrounding an evil spell cast by Marvo the magician. After having his name misspelled and his tricks ridiculed, he magically turns the audience into, of all things, letter blocks. Now it’s your job to reverse Marvo’s wicked spell with your wicked spelling powers.

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Mixing verbal challenge and arcade action, AbraWordAbra has four game modes with well over 200 levels. Fill The Gap requires you to supply the missing letters in an incomplete word, Mizz Spell asks you to correct misspelled words, Float On lets you pop balloons to make words, and, finally, Ultimate Genius puts you under time pressure as you think of as many words as you can. A brief preview of each mode is presented in the launch trailer above.

AbraWordAbra comes straight from the magic hat of game industry veteran Tony Takoushi. Tony has worked at Sega, Codemasters, and, most notably, Halfbrick, where he contributed in the development of Fruit Ninja. Now heading Total ArKade Software, Tony promises that, with AbraWordAbra, “fans of Halfbrick-style addictive gameplay and production values really won’t be disappointed.”

Also featuring achievements, leaderboards, and comic interludes, AbraWordAbra will begin casting its spell in the App Store on May 2. Admission to this universal game will be $0.99.