Do you hate having to hold your finger over apps on your Springboard to move them around? Waiting a few seconds for your icons to start wiggling can be a pain in the butt. With the upcoming jailbreak tweak AlwaysArrange, you will not have to put your icons into wiggle mode to move them anymore.

With AlwaysArrange you can use the settings to adjust how quickly the icons are able to be moved around. If you set it to zero, the icons will be able to move the instant you touch them. Setting it at a higher number will yield a slight delay before the icons can be moved.

Tapping and releasing an icon will still launch it like normal. From watching it in action you can see that there are no performance issues and that everything functions as it would without the tweak. The obvious difference is that if you touch an icon and do not release it, it will move freely around your Springboard as if it was in wiggle mode.

If you do need to place the device in wiggle mode to delete an app, you can drag an icon to the status bar. You drag the app to the bar and release, this will start your icons wiggling normally.

The upcoming tweak will be available soon, for free, on the ModMyi repo. Would you use this tweak on your iOS device?

Source: iDownloadBlog