Occasionally, on my daily mission of trawling the Internet for all of the latest and greatest app information, I come across a little gem that I just need to share with my readers. Developer SiuYiu, the creative mind behind VegasTowers is working on a new game, called Pocket Minions.

While still in development, SiuYiu has released a short teaser trailer of Pocket Minions, just to whet your appetite:

If you cannot view the embedded video above, it is also available by clicking here.

Pocket Minions tasks you with having to build a castle from the group up, while your minions go about their daily lives. Think of it as a kind of medieval Tiny Tower.

In Pocket Minions, you can ┬áset your minions to work and feed them to earn resources and gold. You will even be required to fend off the occasional dragon attack and complete various quests to learn more about your castle’s inhabitants.

Pocket Minions promises to be more than a Tiny Tower clone.

Pocket Minions will also feature:

  • Support for Apple TV. View your tower in 720p on your TV!
  • Retina display support with stunning high resolution graphics.
  • Over 30 types of stores and residences to build.
  • Over 15 types of citizens, each with unique abilities.
  • Manage your tower well and keep your minions in line – make sure the toilets are unclogged, the furnace fuelled to keep your minions from rioting.
  • Patrol your tower to find thieves and throw them into the dungeon!
  • Ghosts will haunt your tower from time to time, take care of this problem before they scare your minions away.

There are no details, at this time, on pricing for Pocket Minions. SiuYiu is currently trying to decide if Pocket Minions will adopt a freemium model, again like Tiny Tower, or be sold for a set price. I for one try to avoid freemium games where possible, so I know where my vote will go.

Keep an eye out on AppAdvice over the coming weeks for further developments from SiuYiu and Pocket Minions. We’ll bring you all the latest news when it’s available.