The launch of an official Spotify for iPad app could be imminent. According to the Verge, a Swedish tech consultant recently posted on Instagram the image above that looks a lot like a Spotify app for Apple’s larger iDevice.

This posting of this photo might not have been by accident. After all, according to BGR, the Swedish-based music streaming company recently scheduled a “special announcement” for this Wednesday, April 18 in New York. While there is no way to confirm whether this announcement is about an official iPad app, we can hope.

Spotify For iPad?

Spotify For iPad?

Spotify has only been available to iPhone/iPod touch users since it arrived in the U.S. on July 14. Since that time, in contrast, many of Spotify’s competitors have moved to the iPad, including Rdio, MOG, and Slacker Radio.

Hopefully, Spotify will make many customers happy on Wednesday and indeed launch an iPad app. Until then, remember that you can use the Spotify iPhone app on the iPad. However, it won’t look nearly as nice as one specifically created for the top selling tablet.

Stay tuned.

Are you still using Spotify, nearly a year after it launched in the U.S.? If not, what is your preferred music streaming service?