Last year, the fine folks at MacHeist released an iPhone game called The Heist. This app featured four puzzle types, each with multiple levels that you must solve. Once you completed all of them, you would crack open the vault and be rewarded with some free loot in Steam. Today is a big day for The Heist because it’s their first update.

The biggest news in this update is the fact that Puzzle Agent and World of Goo have been added, bringing the prize pool for completing The Heist to $25 worth of games (Eets was already included from before). Yep, that’s right — for completing a $0.99 app, you will now get $25 worth of free games. Pretty sweet deal, right?

If you have not checked out The Heist yet, make sure to snag it. The game features beautiful graphics that look dazzling on Retina displays, puzzles that really make you think, and the rewards are well worth the time. Even if you are not a big PC gamer (you can always give the codes away if you don’t want them), The Heist is a must-have for any puzzle fan.

The update also includes some other small changes, including Game Center support on older devices and even a new theme for Clear.

Here’s the full change log:

• iPod play through with remote control support

• Game Center enabled on older devices (iPad 1 and iPod Touch 2nd generation)

• Awards earned achievements if any were missed

• Vault exit button

• Support for unlocking secret Clear theme

I’m going to enjoy some quality puzzles for a while, in order to snag some free games (I never got around to beating it the first time). I highly recommend checking out The Heist, especially if you haven’t already — these puzzles are just so beautiful and fun.