There’s just no stopping Chillingo. Almost immediately after releasing a string of new games, including MadCoaster, Rinth Island, and Beeing, the leading iOS game publisher is already set to release two more. One is Shaun the Sheep: Fleece Lightning, which has been highlighted here in AppAdvice, and the other is Lock ‘n’ Load, which you can preview in the trailer below.

If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here.

Lock ‘n’ Load constitutes a call for action against an evil girl, who appears as though it came straight out of that creepy TV set in a popular Japanese horror movie. This girl, having been established as evil, is naturally intent on taking over the world, and it seems that she has enlisted an army of creepy creatures to help her in her diabolical mission. But her plans are about to be thwarted by a motley crew of non-creepy citizens. Armed with an assortment of awesome weapons, including a shouldering shotgun and a charging chainsaw, they’re all set to save the day, preferably before dear old grandma’s bedtime.

Lock ‘n’ Load is a story-driven 3D action game that plays out in 30 levels spread across 13 environments. Featuring great graphics and sound effects from the developers behind GameLab, it arrives in the App Store on April 19. Stay tuned to AppAdvice for our locked and loaded review of the game.