WordPress is the most popular content management system in all of the World Wide Web and is the preferred online publishing platform by countless individuals and organizations. Considering these credentials and the realization that more and more users are going mobile and post-PC, you’d think that the people behind WordPress would put plenty of thought into developing fine iOS apps for posting on WordPress blogs on the go. But the WordPress app for iOS is not exactly what you’d expect from the company that made, well, WordPress. It works, to be sure, but it lacks some key features associated with WordPress’ versatility.

If you’re among the users who are not satisfied with the native WordPress iOS app, perhaps you’d like to try Tinydesk Writer for WordPress. Like the official WordPress app, Tinydesk offers publishing options for both WordPress.com and self-hosted blogs. Unlike the official WordPress app, though, Tinydesk is compatible only with the iPhone. Also, its interface looks a tad clumsy, but the app makes for a proper alternative as far as it goes.

WordPress is notable for its plugin architecture, so it’s baffling why its iOS app doesn’t have support for plugins. Tinydesk, on the other hand, does. Initially, Tinydesk integrates with the NextGEN Gallery plugin, which lets you create new galleries directly from your photo library. According to the developer of the app, support for more plugins as well as themes will be added through future updates.

Tinydesk Writer for WordPress also features visual editing, comment moderation, and media management. Available now in the App Store for free, the app is yet to prove with all its features that it’s not just another WordPress app.