Ubisoft announced today that an online, free-to-play card game, Might & Magic: Duel of Champions, is currently in development for the iPad.

With the game being developed for Windows concurrently, players can compete against each other across platforms while being able to post their progress on Twitter and Facebook during play. An in-game message system and other social features will also be present in the game.

The game will include hundreds of new, detailed, collectible cards from the Might & Magic universe. Players can earn new cards by taking on other users or purchasing them in the game’s online store.

The card game is the latest in the Might & Magic franchise, which details heroes fighting in Ashan, a fantasy land with unique creatures, magic, and beliefs.

Ubisoft didn’t provide any more concrete information about the release date, but we’ll keep an eye out for any news and let you know. Right now, the game’s website is simply redirecting to a page on Ubisoft’s server.

For you collectible card players out there, do you think the experience will transfer over to the iPad?

(Via TouchArcade)