Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe may be the galactic exploration app of the moment, but the much older Solar Walk app looks set to reclaim the celestial limelight from it. Solar Walk, which was released a couple of years ago, was updated just yesterday with brand new content and a lot of enhancements.

Among all the improvements just added to the app, two points of interest stand out for their sheer scope. One is a new movie about the Cassini-Huygens mission and the other is a new — that is, new to the app — dwarf planet called Charon. The Cassini-Huygens mission movie, which is already the eighth movie included in the app, relates the fascinating journey of the interplanetary spacecraft launched in 1997 to explore Saturn. The Charon feature, on the other hand, contains information about the largest satellite of the dwarf planet Pluto.

Solar Walk has just added a new feature on Charon, the largest satellite of Pluto.

Aside from these two major additions, other improvements that are worthy of note are a better calculation of the orbits for the moons of certain planets, a better animation of the Sun, better images of planets and moons, and a better model for Hyperion, one of Saturn’s moons. Indeed, considering the obligatory bug fixes and interface tweaks, this update brings a whole galaxy of “better.”

Designed for both iPhone and iPad, Solar Walk – 3D Solar System Model is available in the App Store for only $2.99.