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Use LEGOS To Create Your Own Unique iPhone Case

If you’re still looking for a case for your iPhone and also want show off your creative side, check out the SmartWorks Brickcase for the iPhone 4S/4 and iPod touch, first mentioned by Macgasm. Available in nine colors, the $25 case is unique in that it works with LEGO bricks and other similar brick building systems.  Made with high impact ABS, the SmartWorks Brickcase preserves access all of the iPhone’s buttons and features including its volume and mute buttons, camera lens, flash, and dock connector. [caption id="attachment_295334" align="aligncenter" width="550" caption="Smallworks Brickcase"]Smallworks Brickcase[/caption] Of course, the best part is you can add and remove any of your LEGO creations, including those featuring “Star Wars” characters, LEGO Dinos, DC Super Heroes and more. Take a look:

Your SmartWorks Brickcase awaits you at Kinda cool, don't you think?