AppAdvice has teamed up with Neuchâtel, our latest AppAdvice Daily podcast sponsor, in order to offer you a chance to win a copy of Blast Angle ($0.99) for iPhone and iPod touch or Blast Angle HD ($0.99) for iPad.

You can stop waiting for iShoot 3, because the next great Scorched Earth-inspired game is already available for iOS, and it comes in the form of Blast Angle.

Fire away.

As with most games in the artillery genre, you must take turns with your opponent firing off all kinds of different types of ammunition in hopes of taking them out before they do the same to you. During each of your turns you have the opportunity to select an ammunition type, apply a shield to your tank, or do some repairs. Just keep in mind that you only have 30 seconds to equip and utilize whichever item you choose. If you fail to do so in the allotted time, you will forfeit your turn and instantly give your opponent a huge advantage.

Blast Angle employs a unique firing system and utilizes an advanced environmental physics engine, which makes the game all the more challenging and entertaining. To fire a shot from your tank, you must first adjust the angle of the barrel by dragging your finger across the screen. Once you have the proper angle, keep your finger in place and slide a second finger up and down to adjust the power of your shot. Then release to fire! Of course, you’ll want to try to obtain a direct hit on your opponent, but you can also use environmental elements like fire, rain, acid, and lava to your advantage.

The game includes a total of six unique worlds, 12 environments, 10 devastating weapons, fantastic visuals with nifty particle effects, a single-player campaign, online multiplayer with chat, and Game Center leaderboards. It also includes a full set of instructions, an overview of all of the weapons and environments so you can learn how to best utilize them, and a promotion system.

To have a chance at winning a copy of Blast Angle, just tell us whether you would prefer the iPhone or iPad version in the comments section below before 11:59 p.m. PDT tonight (May 24). We’ll then randomly choose our lucky winners and get in touch via email. Only one entry per person is allowed. Good luck!