If you’re an iPad-toting Reddit nut, you’re probably using the official Reddit iOS client, iReddit. If you actually are, I ask with all due respect: Why? I mean, why use iReddit when you can have a superior experience using an unofficial app called Alien Blue for iPad? In a nutshell, Alien Blue is to iReddit as Tweetbot is to the official Twitter iOS app. Unlike iReddit, whose development appears to be at a standstill, Alien Blue keeps getting better and better. In fact, the app has been recently updated to include a host of new features and fixes.

The most recent update to Alien Blue for iPad brings no more than bug and crash fixes as well as scroll performance improvements, but the previous one is a doozy of an upgrade. Alien Blue for iPad 2.1 introduces at least a couple of subreddit-related features along with other enhancements.

Alien Blue for iPad now lets you discover subreddits by topic and subtopic, group subreddits according to your interests, and stumble upon random subreddits. The update also refers to an upcoming iteration of the app’s free iPhone counterpart, simply called Alien Blue, that’s going to be iCloud-ready. Through iCloud integration between the iPhone and iPad versions of Alien Blue, your subreddit groups as well as your visited links will be synced across your iOS devices. Visit the Alien Blue subreddit post here for the full release notes.

Alien Blue for iPad is available in the App Store for $3.99, while the universal iReddit is without charge. It’s always tempting to go with the free option, but if it’s a truly excellent Reddit browsing experience you’re after, shouldn’t you be willing to pay a little for it?

Source: Alien Blue Subreddit
Via: MacStories