Remember these? Well, the maker of those clunky retro styluses is back with a pair of even cuter — and even more practical — pieces of kit(sch).

As part of Big Big’s expanded line of mobile accessories, the 8-Bit Bumper and 8-Bit Sleeve represent a decided push into Apple territory. Both cases — as members of the new Big Big Pixel series — are made specifically for Cupertino’s best-sellers. The former stylish throwback is designed to snugly fit both the iPhone 4 and 4S handsets, while the latter bit of protection comes in three sizes: 10 inches for the iPad and both 11 and 13 inches for either version of the MacBook Air.

Personally, when it comes to iPhone cases, I can take them or leave them. And, against all better judgment, it’s usually the second one (my iPhone has a big crack under the FaceTime camera to prove it). Still, I like the looks of the 8-Bit Bumper, and — if I was in the market for a new piece of rubberized wrapping — I’d probably pick one up.

The 8-Bit Sleeve, on the other hand, is more immediately alluring. This fiber-lined envelope actually looks like a pixelated email icon, for crying out loud! How cool is that?

Very cool, that's how.

Whatever your style, Big Big’s latest cases are sure to be a fashionable hit. If you’ve got $25 to $40 to drop on some choice iDevice dressings, you could definitely do a lot worse.

Oh, and Big Big’s even posted some nice, smiley wallpapers to go along with your blocky new look. They’re free, and they’re fabulous!