In a small announcement over the holiday weekend, Black Chair Games revealed preview screenshots and a “work in progress” trailer for their upcoming platform puzzler, LAD.

Highly inspired by Playdead’s LIMBO, LAD features a very similar foggy silhouette of a dark forest and unknown character drawn in the gloomy shades of black and white. However, LAD does have its uniqueness compared to the Xbox Live Arcade title.

While LIMBO has an action platformer feel to it, Black Chair Games decided to twist that into a primarily puzzle game, requiring the player to strategically move items around instead of simply timing jumps and finding the right path.

Taking a closer look at the screen captures and video, a somewhat ghostly white character appears along with the black silhouetted main character about mid-way through the demo video, which shouldn’t be surprising considering the promise of a “cryptic story.” In addition, there’s a blatant presence of Game Center and social network integration on the main menu.

So far, that’s all we have to share with you, but enjoy the pre-release screenshots and trailer embedded below.